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The Blog About Mexican Cuisine of Las Taquerías de Birra

Mexican cuisine is one of the most famous in the world, due to the wide range of unique flavours and textures that can be found in its most famous dishes, which is why it has become a regular dish when you go out for lunch or dinner, or even at home.

Mexican food has a myriad of curiosities and traditions, and in our blog we tell many of them. Learn more about how to make Mexican food and its culture in this blog to stay up to date on everything related to Mexican cuisine.

In our blog about Mexican cuisine you can find tutorials on how to prepare the most popular dishes of the Aztec country and discover the most traditional festivals and customs of the Central American country.

We don’t just talk about Mexican cuisine on our blog. Here you can learn everything you need to know about its culture and many other interesting facts and information about this country and its people. 

Although to really get to know their culture, there is nothing better than trying some good homemade tacos in the traditional style, and this is something that you can find in any of our Mexican restaurants, where you can also see a decoration set in the Mexican culture that has an authentic and traditional style with photographs, objects and music brought from Mexico itself. 

At Las Taquerias de Birra you can try the best Mexican food in our Don Pedro and Comendadoras restaurants, both with a typical gastronomic decoration and menu that will transport your senses to the Aztec country for a unique experience.

Mexican Constitution Day

Mexican Constitution Day is celebrated on 5 February every year. This date commemorates the promulgation of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States in

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