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How to prepare the margarita cocktail?

What can be the perfect climax to a dinner based on Mexican tacos in Madrid? With what drink to pair an authentic Aztec meal in one of our establishments in the capital? Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about you going ahead and ordering a margarita cocktail. This cocktail, made from tequila, triple sec and lime juice, is one of the basic cocktails for any bartender. The point is that it is not so easy to give the right touch to the margarita. Let’s see how to do it, what is its secret.

The origin

As is often the case with cocktails, their origins are diffuse. The most widespread belief is that Carlos ‘Anny’ Herrera devised it in his restaurant between Tijuana and Rosarito. Apparently, he would have done it to please former dancer Marjorie King, since she only drank tequila. Others place her birth in Ensenada, Ciudad Juárez, El Paso or Acapulco. What these theories do share is that this cocktail was devised to please a young woman named Margarita. Be that as it may, the first written reference to this popular cocktail dates back to 1953.

The secret of its preparation

At Las Taquerías we insist that part of the secret of a good margarita lies in the quality of the tequila that we use in its preparation. The ideal is to choose a reposado tequila, although it can also be made with lower level distillates. As a triple sec we can use Cointreau, distilled from orange peels. Although limes are essential in the original recipe, we can use lemon to prepare the margarita. The truth is that there is no set recipe. The proportions vary depending on the source that we consult, although, in general, more tequila is added than triple sec and lime juice. As in everything, it is a matter of taste.

It is essential, as a first step, to pass the lime around the edge of the glass and place it upside down on a plate with salt to achieve the famous edge that characterizes the cocktail. The last thing will be to pour the freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila and triple sec into the shaker.

How to prepare the margarita cocktail


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