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How does Mexico celebrate carnival?

As a taco restaurant in Madrid, we remind you that carnival in Mexico has clear signs of identity: parades, dances, music, and color. Many cities and towns in the country celebrate this festival, some in a very particular way. The streets are flooded with people with costumes and masks, from more common and commercial models to others with a greater mystical-religious load. Let’s see something more about the carnival in Mexico.

Normally the organization of the carnival falls on the figure of the “butler”. He requests support from the inhabitants of his neighborhood for the celebration. They can bring costumes, floats, etc. In general, the carnival starts with the burning of a bad mood, represented by a character little loved by the community. It is about turning bad moods and worries into ashes. It is paraded in the streets, with traditional costumes according to the region of the country and with allegorical cars with the queen and king of the carnival.

The date of the carnival is not fixed, it is set based on other religious events such as Holy Week and Ash Wednesday. It is an unavoidable appointment in Mexico every year. It is in different states of the country such as Campeche, Mérida, Hidalgo, Mazatlán or Veracruz. Let’s see some of the distinctive features of each:


This is the most important carnival in Mexico and one of the most recognized in the world. It has been traditionally celebrated since 1866 in Puerto Jarocho. It is considered the happiest carnival in the world.


Here we see dances with autochthonous roots of the Toltec and Mexica cultures, representation of pre-Hispanic religious elements in the huehues, the catrines and other characters. The ones that decorate the walls of our Madrid taquería on these dates.


At Las Taquerías we remind you that this is one of the oldest carnivals in the country. Unique traditions are seen such as the dance of the pig’s head, the mojadera and the pintadera. Today the pintadera has become a very colorful race.


The Mazatlan tradition dates back to the early nineteenth century and has remained constant in the port of Sinaloa. Band music and naval combat are the protagonists.


The so-called White City hosts spectacular parades with dance as the protagonist. They also highlight the representative elements of the Mayan culture.


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