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Basic dishes of Mexican cuisine

Did you know that, since 2010, Mexican cuisine has been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity? If you were not aware and have never enjoyed some authentic Mexican tacos in Madrid in one of our establishments, we invite you to continue reading. We inaugurate our blog by reviewing some of the basics of Aztec cuisine.

What better way to start our Mexican feast than with some nachos to share like the ones in the image that accompanies this post. They are one of the most popular dishes in Mexico and are fried tortilla chips, the famous totopos, and then covered with cheese and different ingredients such as guacamole, meat, stews, onion, tomato or cilantro.

We continue with the tacos, perhaps the most famous dish in Mexico. It is a tortilla, usually corn, with some stew inside. We have from the classics such as chicken with cheese or steak with cheese, to spicy ones such as spicy chicken or red chicken. You cannot leave Las Taquerías without trying the most purely Mexican ones, such as tacos al pastor or cochinita pibil.

Let’s go now with the quesadillas (in the image on the left), where the real protagonist is the cheese. In our menu you will find them normal, that is, stuffed with cheese melted on the grill. Also Huitlacoche quesadillas, with delicious corn fungus, Xochil quesadillas, with soft pumpkin flower, and Norteñas, with chorizo ​​or mushrooms.

What to say about guacamole, another of the emblems of our Mexican cuisine. A delicious recipe made with very ripe avocados, diced tomato and onion, serrano chili and lime juice. To enjoy with some crispy tortilla chips.

You can complete your menu with some enchiladas. Although, as the name suggests, they contain chili peppers, there are different degrees of hotness. We have the following varieties: Swiss, chicken, ranchera, enfrijolada and pibil. All bathed in sauce, covered with cheese and baked.

For dessert, how about some cajeta crepes? Also known as dulce de leche, it is a very common dessert throughout Latin America. In Mexico, and in our establishments in Madrid, it is common to take it with crepes. Take advantage!


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