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Las Taquerias de Birra:
Mexican Taco Restaurants

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If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant do not hesitate to contact us. Our place is one of the best prepared and oldest. Since 1989 we offer the best dishes and samples of the rich authentic Mexican cuisine. Over the last few years, the fever of mexican food in Madrid , Tex-Mex food and Aztec inspired and influenced dishes have increased considerably. The professionals at La Taquería de Birra have experience in this segment of activity that makes us true pioneers. We have a private place “La Cantina” where we can celebrate parties for 35 people.

Our Mexican restaurant serves the most delicious tacos, burritos and enchiladas and also reserves a section of the menu for vegetarian dishes. Few Mexican restaurants in Madrid can match our offer.

Our Mexican restaurant in Madrid is synonymous with quality. Ask us for more information on the telephone number 913 66 45 39.



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