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The 7 Mexican dishes ideal for Winter

Mexican winter food is characterised by comforting, warm dishes full of intense flavours.

Mexican winter food not only stands out for its delicious taste, but also for its cultural, social and emotional importance in the lives of people in Mexico.

Therefore, in this post we want to tell you about the 7 Mexican winter dishes par excellence.

7 Mexican dishes for the cold


Pozole is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a thick, hearty stew made from hominy corn, meat and seasonings. There are different varieties of pozole, the most common being red, green and white pozole.

The term “pozole” comes from the Nahuatl “pozolli” or “pozol”, which refers to swollen or popped corn. 

The corn used in pozole is cacahuazintle corn, which is large, round kernel corn. In ancient times, pozole was linked to religious rituals and was considered an offering to the gods.

Today, pozole is a popular dish in Mexico, especially during celebrations and festive events.

Beef stew

Beef stew is a comforting and tasty Mexican stew made with beef and vegetables. It is a thick and hearty soup that is often a popular choice during cold days. The recipe may vary according to region and personal preference.

The preparation of broths and stews with beef and vegetables has been a common practice in the Mexican diet for centuries. 

The combination of fresh and local ingredients, such as beef, tomatoes, onions, and various vegetables, has been an essential part of Mexican cuisine throughout time.

Aztec Soup

Sopa Azteca, also known as Sopa de Tortilla, is a traditional Mexican dish that combines intense flavours and basic ingredients. This soup is popular for its comforting taste and relatively simple preparation.

The origin of Sopa Azteca can be traced back to pre-Columbian times, where indigenous cultures in the region that is now Mexico already had culinary practices involving corn, chillies, tomatoes and other vegetables. 

With the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, new ingredients and culinary techniques were introduced.

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is a comforting and versatile dish found in the cuisines of many cultures around the world. 

In the context of Mexican cuisine, chicken broth is a soup that serves as a base for many other preparations, such as more elaborate soups, stews or simply as a comforting soup in its own right.

In the case of Mexico, chicken broth has been an integral part of the cuisine, influenced by pre-Columbian culinary practices and culinary traditions introduced during Spanish colonisation. 

The preparation of nutritious and tasty broths has been a constant in Mexican cuisine throughout the centuries.


Tamales are a traditional dish from Mexico and other Latin American cultures. They are made from corn dough filled with various ingredients, wrapped in corn husks and steamed. 

Tamales are an important part of Mexican cuisine and are popular during celebrations and special events.

Tamales were an essential part of the diet of indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica, including the Aztecs and the Maya. 

It is believed that tamales were consumed during religious ceremonies, festivals and special occasions. The versatility of tamales allowed them to adapt to different regions and the availability of local ingredients.

And there is nothing better than tasting some good Tamales during the cold weather at La Taqueria de Birra.


Mole is an emblematic dish of Mexican cuisine, characterised by its complexity of flavours and rich history. This dish is especially appreciated during celebrations and special events in Mexico.

Regardless of its exact origin, mole has become an essential element of Mexican cuisine and is appreciated for its complexity of flavours.

Its preparation can vary significantly according to region and family preferences, and there are many varieties of mole, including mole poblano, mole negro, mole rojo and others.


Champurrado is a traditional Mexican drink, especially popular during cold seasons and holidays such as the Day of the Dead. 

This thick and comforting drink is made from corn dough, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar. It is often served hot and is considered a comforting option at breakfast or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

The name “champurrado” comes from the Nahuatl word “champolli”, which means mixture.

This mixture refers to the combination of corn dough and chocolate that characterises this drink.At Birra’s Taqueria we are experts in tacos and Mexican food since 1989. Come and taste the best Mexican food for the winter or other typical recipes in C/ Don Pedro, 11 and Plaza de las Comendadoras, 2, or place your order at home, you’ll be surprised!


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