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Where to eat in the Barrio Universidad in Madrid?

Barrio Universidad is a neighbourhood located in the Malasaña district near the Moncloa area of Madrid. As its name suggests, it is closely associated with the city’s educational institutions and universities.

Madrid’s Barrio Universidad is a popular destination for both students and local residents looking to enjoy the city’s urban life, nightlife and cultural richness.

In terms of gastronomy, the neighbourhood offers a wide range of options. There are numerous restaurants, tapas bars and cafés with and without terraces serving traditional Spanish dishes, international cuisine and vegetarian and vegan options.

5 restaurants to eat in Madrid’s Barrio Universidad 

La Musa Malasaña

La Musa Malasaña is a popular restaurant located in the Malasaña neighbourhood of Madrid, Spain. With a modern and cosy atmosphere, the restaurant stands out for its lively atmosphere and varied culinary offerings.

La Musa Malasaña offers a fusion of Spanish and international cuisine, with creative dishes and innovative flavours. Its menu includes options for all tastes, from tapas and starters to main courses and desserts.

The place also has a wide selection of drinks, including craft cocktails, wines and beers. In addition, La Musa Malasaña is known for its festive atmosphere and themed events, which often include live music and DJs.

In terms of décor, the restaurant has a modern and eclectic style, with a mix of vintage and contemporary elements. 

The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed, making it a popular place for both informal meals with friends and special dinners.

Ochenta Grados Malasaña

At Ochenta Grados they try to preserve the nutritional qualities of the food as much as possible, which is why their philosophy when cooking is not to exceed 80ºC and to treat the ingredients with respect so that they retain their nutritional value.

In order to support local commerce, Ochenta Grados uses high quality products, many of which come from organic agriculture and livestock farming. Most of their suppliers are local (less than 50 km from their points of sale).

You can find this restaurant at Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 10.

Steakburger Fuencarral

Burger Barrio universidad madrid

Steakburger Fuencarral is a restaurant located in Fuencarral street, in Madrid, Spain. It is known for offering a selection of high quality burgers and meat dishes.

The restaurant specialises in gourmet burgers made with fresh, top quality ingredients. Their burgers are renowned for their juiciness and flavour, and offer a wide variety of options to suit different tastes.

In addition to burgers, Steakburger Fuencarral also serves other meat dishes, such as steaks, ribs and chicken dishes. 

Complementing its offer, the restaurant has a selection of starters, side dishes and desserts to complete the dining experience.

In terms of ambience, Steakburger Fuencarral has a modern and welcoming décor, with a casual and relaxed atmosphere. It is a popular place for informal meals with friends, as well as for dinners with your partner or family.

If you are a burger lover and you are in Madrid, Steakburger Fuencarral can be a very interesting option to enjoy a delicious meal.


Sakale is a tropical fusion Japanese restaurant that has arrived in Madrid to offer the best of intercultural cuisine. 

It is a place that showcases sushi dishes combined in the most interesting ways, as well as sushi rolls that break the traditional paradigm in the city of Madrid about Asians. 

This is a Caribbean-style Japanese restaurant in the centre of Madrid with takeaway and sushi delivery in Madrid with a great atmosphere and good value for money. If you are an Asian food lover, this could be a good alternative for your next plan in this area of Madrid.

You can find this restaurant at C. del Molino de Viento, 4.

La Taquería de Birra Comendadoras

Mexican restaurant barrio universidad madrid

Opened in 1989, La Taqueria de Birra is one of the oldest taquerias in the capital and one of the most renowned. 

Our long experience makes us true pioneers of Mexican gastronomy in Madrid. 

Mexican tacos are the speciality of the menu, but we also have other dishes such as enchiladas, chilaquiles or tamales among others, as well as classic desserts such as crepas de cajeta. 

All these recipes make up an excellent sample of the best gastronomic tradition of the Aztec country, which in turn is transferred to the tastes of the Madrilenians, but always maintaining our essence. 

We also have products for vegetarians on the menu.

La Taqueria de Birra Comendadoras is located in Plaza de las Comendadoras 2, a place with a great history in the centre of Madrid where you can make a thousand and one plans and then enjoy some good tacos inside the restaurant or on our large terrace.  

We also have a private place called “La Cantina” which can be booked to celebrate the best private Mexican parties.

With this review of the most popular restaurants in Madrid’s Barrio Universidad, there are no more excuses for not going to one of these restaurants and doing something different.

And you, which one do you choose?


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