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Las Taquerías de Birra,
the best Mexican Tacos in Madrid

Who doesn’t like to treat themselves to a good tribute from time to time at a taco restaurant in Madrid? At La Taquería de Birra we were precisely the first to confirm the desire of the people of Madrid for this iconic Mexican specialty when we opened the first specialized premises in the city in 1989. Throughout all this time we have not stopped taking care of the preparation of a whole variety of tasty and appetizing tacos, and that is why we continue to have the trust of customers in our two establishments. Of course, the fantastic atmosphere that is breathed inside also has a lot to do with it.

Going to any of Birra’s Taquerias means delving into a genuine experience, which will undoubtedly meet your expectations when you go to a taco joint in Madrid. You can whet your appetite by taking a look at our online menu, which will allow you to discover in advance the irresistible variety of options available. We serve more than two dozen different tacos, including classics such as pastor, cochinita pibil or carnitas, among others that will surprise you. Dare to explore the confines of Mexican gastronomy with us.

restaurante de tacos en Madrid


Of course, we have not forgotten to include other popular specialties such as enchuladas or quesadillas, in addition to incorporating vegetarian options. And what you will never miss in our stores is a selection of the best tequilas, mezcals and beers from the Aztec country, without forgetting cocktails, among which are various versions of refreshing margaritas. In this way, with each visit to La Taquería de Birra you will be able to enjoy a new flavor experience, always in an atmosphere full of vitality, with genuinely Mexican decoration and music.



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