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Plaza de las Comendadoras, restaurants with tradition and a lot of history

Within the area of Conde Duque we can find a wide variety of restaurants with a lot of experience and high reputation located in the emblematic Plaza de las Comendadoras.

And is that this reputed square with good weather is filled with the bustle of leisure with terraces ideal for a good gastronomic time accompanied by the best company. 

Its privileged location next to San Bernardo street through Quiñones street, being very close to the Conde-Duque barracks and Plaza de España, makes it always a good meeting point to get together with friends and family.

The name of La Plaza de las Comendadoras comes from the Convent of the Comendadoras de Santiago, a monastery of nuns inaugurated in 1650 and is close to the ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration, so after visiting one of these emblematic places, you can enjoy the wide range of restaurants in this well-known area of the Masaña. 

What gastronomic offer can we find in the Plaza de las Comendadoras? 

Well, so that you do not miss any restaurant to go to at different times of the day, we leave you a gastronomic route from breakfast to the local atmosphere where you can taste the best cocktails.

Federal Café

Located in Plaza de las Comendadoras 9, the Federal Café is the ideal place to have breakfast in the area if you are shopping or just taking a walk. 

You can find from the most daring breakfasts like the Croissant filled with raspberry puree to the most classic ones like fried or scrambled eggs.

Roll Madrid

You could say that Roll Madrid is the ideal place to have brunch next to the Plaza de las Comendadoras. This New American food restaurant located at Calle Amaniel 23 offers a wide variety of beers and a brunch worth discovering. 

Roll Madrid offers the public a fun and creative proposal that tries to overthrow the myths about American food. The most traditional dishes and with more history of America have come to Madrid to show a differential culinary offer, quality and homemade.

Undoubtedly, Roll Madrid is a place where you can taste traditional American dishes such as fried green tomatoes or chicken & waffle. 

And of course you can also taste its wide variety of sandwiches and burgers, as in almost every good American restaurant.


Located in the neighborhood of Conde Duque, very close to the Plaza de las Comendadoras, Kramer is one of those places with a retro character and not as modern as most locals today, and this is one of its differentiating factors.

Here you can relax and have a snack or a cocktail or drink after a long working day, so if you are looking for a relaxed place to chat with your friends quietly, Kramer is your place. 

The place also has a terrace, which in good weather is the most popular and ideal place to relax.

La Taquería de Birra Comendadoras

restaurante mexicano comendadoras

La Taqueria de Birra is that good, nice and affordable Mexican restaurant that you’ve probably heard about but never visited. If you like Mexican food, this is your option.

Located in the Comendadoras square, in our taqueria you will find from the tastiest tacos to the best cocktail section. 

In the Taquerias de Birra we have two locations (the second one located in Don Pedro Street (in the neighborhood of Palacio near La Latina), being the one located in the Plaza de las Comendadoras, the oldest taqueria in Madrid, which we opened in 1989.

Our place has a characteristic and original decoration with objects and photographs of the Aztec country that will transport you to live a truly unique experience. The ambience, combined with a fast, efficient and quality service, makes us a very outstanding option for lunch or dinner. 

In addition, on our terrace you will find the ideal place to spend an afternoon with friends or inside for an evening in the best company.

And you, did you already know any of these? What are you waiting for to spend some time in this emblematic square?

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